Мелодрама 2019 дурно пахнет!! ** НЕПОДМЫТАЯ ** Русские мелодрамы 2019 новинки HD / ФИЛЬМЫ 2019 HD

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Men ignore the timid and quiet Olya. Mom, friends, work - that’s her whole personal life. But one day, two men immediately appear next to her! Innocent (Anton Filipenko) is a charming handsome man. He gallantly cares and helps to get a rare medicine for his mother. And a random acquaintance Andrei (Evgeny Morozov) is a simple security guard at the bank and a single father. He saves Olga from the hooligans in the park. Olga falls in love with Innocent, but in difficult times, Andrei is close by. She does not suspect that her gentlemen have a common past ...
Русские сериалы Про войну
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НЕПОДМЫТАЯ, НЕПОДМЫТАЯ 2019, Мелодрама 2019, ФИЛЬМЫ 2019

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